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1st Communications Telephone System Add Ons

Call Management

1st Communications can assist you to highlight the key measures for your particular business. We can explain how some companies are able to offer such apparently low prices and what the associated risks and trade-offs are. More on Telephone System Call Management »

Call Recording

There are a number of issues associated with Call Recording. Let us ensure that you are entirely legal while you record conversations for your organisation. More on Telephone System Call Recording »

On Hold Voice & Music

1st Communications can provide you with a broad range of audio-based marketing solutions that are all dedicated to improving the sound of your business. More on Telephone System On Hold Voice & Music »

VoIP Gateways

Our range of dedicated VoIP gateways helps you drive down the total cost of business communications, integrating new VoIP systems with your existing equipment. More on Telephone System VoIP Gateways »

Paging & Public Address Systems

We at 1st Communications use a variety of Paging and Public Address Systems, including Valcom who are an industry leader within the field, being the largest provider of telephone integrated paging systems in the world. More on Telephone System Paging & Public Address Systems »

Cellular Gateways

Businesses are currently faced with the massive call costs to mobile phones from your office land lines. We at 1st Communications can arrange for your calls to mobile phones to be routed directly over one or all of the mobile phone networks, leaving you with a significantly reduced telephone bill at the end of the month. More on Telephone System Cellular Gateways »

Norstar Add Ons

There are a number of different Nortel Norstar Add Ons available that extend the Norstar system to cater for more users and/or increased functionality. More on Norstar Telephone System Add Ons »

Video Conferencing

1st Communications provide a number of different video conferencing systems, designed to meet your every need. More on Telephone System Video Conferencing »

Nortel BCM Dial By Name

BCM Dial by Name provides a company-wide, instantly accessible telephone directory to every Nortel BCM user in the business. More on Nortel BCM Dial By Name

Nortel BCM Keycodes

Nortel BCM Telephone System Keycodes are used to unlock features already installed on your BCM telephone system. Keycodes can be bought and used to unlock features such as voicemail boxes, the built in call center, BCM unified messaging etc. More on Nortel BCM Telephone System Keycodes

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the Telephone System Add Ons that we provide, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 0800 0684 880 for immediate help and advice.

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Case Study: Sir George Monoux College

Sir George Monoux College turned to 1st Communications to install a new Nortel BCM 200 on to their network. More »

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