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Call recording is an invaluable tool for all organisation's of all sizes in today's business environment. It allows you to improve your customer service, helps you train users and may even reduce your insurance premiums, amongst a host of other benefits.

We can put in place equipment that will record conversations, that:

  • Allows for the training of users on call handling in order to ensure callers are dealt with correctly.
  • Helps reduce Insurance premiums as you have the ability to produce records of conversations if required.
  • Reduces your liability with indisputable call records that are tamper proof.
  • Ensures that recordings made are legally binding and admissible in court.
  • Allows for the creation and maintenance of audit trails.
  • Helps resolve customer disputes, reducing the need for costly refunds in addition to reducing legal expenses.
  • Ensure that regulations of certain industries are met where call recording is essential. Such industries include: insurance, medical, support desks, banking etc.

Our Call Recording FAQ should answer a number of questions you may have about Call Recording.

We have some excellent solutions for you to choose from:

Retell Sense Call Analyser Call Recording Solution

With included call analsis, the Retell Sense Call Analyser is a stand alone Call Recording Solution that comes as a cube, tower or can be rack mounted. More on the Retell Sense Call Analyser Call Recording Solution »

Retell Single Line 957 Advanced Call Recording Solution

The Retell Single Line 957 Advanced Call Recording Solution is ideal for extensive high quality but low cost call recording. More on the Retell Single Line 957 Advanced Call Recording Solution »

The Voiceproof Call Recording Solution

Voiceproof provides a unique way to record and store all of your inbound and outbound calls. The Voiceproof technology is helping more customers afford the benefits of call recording as well as offering a welcome level of security, encryption and remote storage. More on The Voiceproof Call Recording Solution »

The Voicemaster Call Recording Solution

Voicemaster is a larger, multi-channel voice/audio recording software solution designed for simultaneous voice/audio recording from multiple sources. Voicemaster is designed to be used in every-day, heavy-duty, high-demand environments. More on The Voicemaster Call Recording Solution »

If you need advice on these systems or how call recording impacts on your business and whether you need to install it then please Contact Us for more information.

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