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LG Ericsson IPECS Phontage Softphone

The LG Ericsson Phontage Softphone is a multi-media communication tool that allows you to use a PC, PDA or Symbian Smartphone to communicate as if you had an ip telephone.

In addition to the features found on a deskphone Phontage also includes a host of additional features such as a phonebook database with links to the user's PIM (Personal Information Manager) such as Microsoft Outlook, providing pop-up windows for incoming caller identification.

LG Ericsson IPECS Phontage Softphone

Phontage is offered at two levels of functionality allowing the user to choose between the standard feature set and a more advanced 'Deluxe' version which extends the standard features for power-users.

LG Ericsson Phontage Softphone Basic Feature List

  • Login with ID and Password.
  • Local/Remote Connection Mode.
  • Flexible Buttons.
  • Multi-language support*.
  • Call By Name.
  • User SMS (Short Message Service).
  • Automatic Database Synchronisation
  • Incoming Call Pop-up window
  • Hotkey Support
  • Database Import/Export
  • User Connection Profiles
  • Smart Tray Icon & Menu
  • Quick Call Menu
  • Simple Dial-pad pop-up
  • Display Mode (Clock, Calendar)
  • Phone Book Calling
  • Phone Book Management
  • Scheduled Dial and Notification
  • User Call Log management
  • E-mail with Outlook
  • Simple Favorites Contact List

LG Ericsson Phontage Softphone Deluxe Feature List

  • All of the basic features, plus:
  • Video Conference, 3-party
  • Video Data on/off Status.
  • Outlook Call Popup with Exchange Server
  • Conference Management and Notification
  • Transparent Main Window function
  • Call Assistance Window
  • Favorite Contact Dialer
  • Smart Recent Call List
  • Voice Mail Backup and Management
  • 3rd party Conversation Recording
  • Auto Call Recording including 3rd Party
  • File Collaboration (Application Sharing)
  • Internal Instant Messaging (IM-Chatting)

This LG Ericsson Phontage Softphone comes with a full warranty.

If you would like to purchase or discuss the LG Ericsson Phontage Softphone in greater detail then please contact us as we will only be too happy to help.

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