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Nortel BCM Dial by Name 2.0

The BCM Dial by Name 2.0 provides a company-wide, instantly accessible telephone directory to every Nortel BCM user in the business. The Directory is accessed via a Nortel BCM handset or a PC desktop client. The BCM Dial by Name desktop client provides enhanced functionality, including Click to Dial and interactive Buddy Lists.

There are two components to the BCM Dial by Name, as follows:

BCM Dial by Name 2.0 Handset Features

  • Accessible from all BCM phones (Digital, IP or Softphones) with LCD display.
  • With a centralised directory, all users have access to the latest information.
  • Intelligent Search features as you enter a contact's name.
  • The names of incoming callers are displayed.
  • You have a personal call history stored, just like a mobile phone.
  • There is a simple installation wizard, making installs easy.
  • You can bulk import updates via Excel spreadsheet.
  • You can store over 30000 contacts.
  • BCM Dial by Name is compatible with all Nortel BCM 50's and 450's.

BCM Dial by Name 2.0 Desktop Features

  • A single site licence gives access to all Nortel BCM users.
  • You can add your own contacts via the DeskTop client.
  • It is easy to update contacts, keeping the directory current.
  • It is simple to view and call back unanswered calls.
  • You can view the status of your 'buddies' in real time.
  • You can handle multiple calls and conference them on screen.
  • You can make calls via the directory or 'buddy' list.
  • Highlight numbers in Word, Outlook, etc and dial them directly.
  • The desktop client is quick and simple to install.
  • BCM Dial by Name is compatible with all Nortel BCM 50's and 450's.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Nortel Dial by Name 2.0 and how you can best use this add on in your organisation.

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