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There are now more demands on your business than ever before, with businesses needing to communicate simultaneously across multiple channels with speed and accuracy.

You may be a single, large enterprise made up of many parts, spread across over a wide area or a smaller business but with people constantly on the move. Needless to say, you need to communicate with your customers, suppliers and partners in more ways than ever before.

1st Communications provides converged communication solutions that enable your business to overcome these challenges and build a connected enterprise, meaning that your business is free to move rapidly into new areas of opportunity, supported by a fast, flexible, converged communications infrastructure.

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Increase your Productivity »

Increasing workforce effectiveness is key to improving and maintaining productivity and hence driving shareholder value. Your entire workforce needs secure, universal access to data, communications, business tools and applications, wherever they are. Improved access to networked resources can speed up decision-making, reduce time to market, improve response to business opportunities and eliminate delays and wasted time. More on Increasing your Productivity »

Increase your Revenues »

In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, stand out from the competition and increase your revenues with the Nortel Solutions from 1st Communications. More on Increasing your Revenues »

Streamline your Costs »

Let 1st Communications Nortel Solutions help you and your organisation streamline your costs, helping that ever important bottom line. More on Streamlining your Costs »

Improve your Mobility »

In today's marketplace, some of your workforce may be mobile, while others may work from home either all of the time or maybe some of the time. In order to remain competitive, time spent traveling, working at home, at remote sites or in meetings needs to be put to good use by giving your employees full access to your networks. More on Improving your Mobility »

Increase Customer Loyalty, Care & Retention »

All businesses, including yours, need to strive to communicate better with their customers. You need to effectively market your products and solutions, while facilitating easier and more convenient ways for your customers to get in contact with you. More on Increasing Customer Loyalty, Care & Retention »

Ease of Growth »

The ability and flexibility to expand as business demands grow is an increasingly important one. The 1st Communications Nortel Solutions allow you to match the pace of your business success, adding and expanding your system as needed while still being able to use existing equipment, thereby cutting costs. More on Ease of Growth »

Simplify your Administration »

The key to any new system or solution is easy administration. Nortel Solutions are straightforward, reliable, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use, making them perfect for any business. More on Simplified Administration »

Protect your Investment »

With change being a constant, it is important to know the money you are spending now is not going to be wasted when things move forward. More on Protecting your Investment »

Get greater Security »

A robust security policy enforced by an appropriate security management platform is vital in order to protect organisations from today's increasingly sophisticated security threats. More on Getting greater Security »

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Case Study: Sir George Monoux College

Sir George Monoux College turned to 1st Communications to install a new Nortel BCM 200 on to their network. More »

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