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Each industry faces its own specific challenges with regards to communications and communication policy.

1st Communications therefore likes to learn and research our customers' specific industry sector, their market and their industry before proposing one communication solution over another. The chances are we already have specific knowledge with regards to your specific industry, helping us progress quickly and efficiently.

Appreciating our clients specific needs within the marketplace helps us build lasting relationships to the benefit of all parties in a number of different industries.

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Small Business Communication Solutions »

As a small business owner, partner or manager, your contributions have a direct impact on your organisation's bottom line. Through hard work and passion, you have built your business and are determined to see it continue to succeed. More on 1st Communications Small Business Communication Solutions »

Retail Communication Solutions »

In today's especially competitive retail environment, every retailer needs to deliver great quality and service in order to stand out from the crowd. While doing this, you also have to overcome the complexity of managing your products, customers, transactions, suppliers, employees and stores on a daily basis. More on 1st Communications Retail Communication Solutions »

Professional Services Communication Solutions »

With competitive pressures and demanding clients driving the search for new revenue producing services, and with clients requiring almost constant availability, professional service firms such as lawyers, accountants, estate agents etc are under intense pressure to find ways and means of making their communications more integrated and easier. More on 1st Communications Professional Services Communication Solutions »

Banking & Insurance Communication Solutions »

The main aims of banks, building societies and insurance organisations is to win new business while retaining their existing customers and increasing their profitability. The ability to know and understand customers, tailor offerings accordingly, and make services available when, where and how customers want them in an increasingly competitive marketplace are all key differentiators between organisations. More on 1st Communications Banking & Insurance Communication Solutions »

Government Communication Solutions »

People now expect government departments and agencies to provide the same levels of accessibility and availability as has become the norm in the private sector, meaning that the government is under increasing pressure to respond quickly and efficiently to any and all communication it receives. More on 1st Communications Government Communication Solutions »

Health Communication Solutions »

In the world of commerce and business, efficient communications networks are a matter of profit and loss whereas in the Health Sector, they can be a matter of life and death. More on 1st Communications Health Communication Solutions »

Education Communication Solutions »

With Internet and multimedia technology playing an increasingly important role in education at every level, laying the right communications foundation is essential for educational establishments of all types. More on 1st Communications Education Communication Solutions »

Transport & Travel Communication Solutions »

The Transport and Travel Industries are both undergoing fundamental change as newer, more agile competitors enter the market, undermining their more established counterparts and taking business away from them. More on 1st Communications Transport & Travel Communication Solutions »

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Case Study: Sir George Monoux College

Sir George Monoux College turned to 1st Communications to install a new Nortel BCM 200 on to their network. More »

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