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Telephone Headsets

Telephone Headset Overview

The process of choosing the right headset can be a difficult one. 1st Communications offers a full range of both corded and cordless headsets to connect to most telephone systems. We can therefore provide you with advice as to which headset is best for you or your organisation.

1st Communications Telephone Headsets

Benefits of Headsets:

  • Headsets are a proactive way in preventing one of the most common sources for neck and back pain caused when one cradles the handset of a phone between one's ear and shoulder.
  • Headsets also help by freeing up your hands so one can be more productive.
  • Cordless models allow you to move around freely while talking on the phone.
  • Headsets improves your overall posture.
  • Headsets provide a distinct, clear sound and you are able to hear the other person better than on a normal telephone receiver.
  • You sound better as the sound is picked up right next to your mouth by a professional quality microphone.

Choosing a Headset:

Different jobs have different requirements so before you purchase a headset, in order to help you narrow down the options, you should ask four simple questions:

  • Are you working in a noisy environment?
  • Do you want sound in one or both ears?
  • Do you need total freedom of movement?
  • Would you like a choice of wearing styles?

When it comes to headsets, people don't know they need one until they try one. You may even forget that you are on the phone!

Please feel free to browse some of the most popular types and makes of headset we have on offer, bearing in mind we are able to source virtually any headset you may need.

Choosing the right headset can be a difficult task. Please contact us and let us advise you what would best suit you from our wide choice of 'best of breed' headsets that we offer.

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