Business Essentials

If you’re looking for more at a great value for your business, look no further. We have all the essentials to provide you great service at a low price.

Introduction to Business Essentials

The suggested business essentials from Cloud Based Solutions, bespoke packages suited to you with exceptional service. 

We want to ensure you can get the very best value for your money which is why we suit you business demands exactly when you need them. Whether this is your telecoms, mobile services or anything else that may not relate to telecoms.

Suggested Essentials

Hosted Telecom

Hosted telecoms are suitable for any size of business. It offers a simple, reliable & proven approach to telephony & communications, providing an ideal way to improve productivity and image.

 Hosted telecoms offers many optional services such as Call Recording, Call Centre working, Database integration. Apps are available for numerous devices such as Reception Console, smart phones & tablets, MACs & PC’s.

Network Services

Network services are not a once size fits all. Here at Cloud Based Solutions, we can provide and install the complete solution ranging from broadband, ethernet connections, physical phones, installation and so much more. Our expert tech team will be able to assist you further and propose the perfect solution suited to our organisation.

LG Telephony

LG offer a complete on premise system which can scale and grow with your organisation. What’s great about the LG telephony route, it allows businesses to have physical handsets which have a range of pro tools behind the scenes unlike traditional telephone set ups.

Vodafone Sim

Our mobile “SIM only” offerings allow you to choose from a range of Business Mobile Tariffs, to provide the right amount of Data, Texts and Calls to suit your business needs. See our mobile services page for more information.


Cloud Based Solutions generate savings against both cost and efficiency for both Private and Public sector organisations. Regardless of how much you use, let our team of dedicated and experienced professionals go that extra mile to make sure the money stays in YOUR pocket.

Maintenance Check mark


We can ensure your telephony is at its best with our annual support and servicing. We can identify any problems which may arise or is due to arise and make any amends to your telephony to ensure the efficiency is at it’s best.